At the age of 12, Michael started to learn how the average small business works when he got his first job working at a local child's birthday event center. What began as providing safety disclaimer speeches, Michael was able to grow into a manager of other employees by the age of 16, and was taught basic business strategy with emphasis on growth and capital management. 

Michael would then grow into a job with Starbucks where he worked as a community manager, assisting in hiring and managing the exit of Starbucks' massive network of professionals. Michael was assigned a quarterly sales target and provided guidance to local stores in order to cultivate sales growth and professional development.

Finally graduating college, Michael turned to the technology sector and began a career in sales working for, and offering, SaaS services such as QuickBooks Online,, and Google's AdWords advertising management. During this tenure, Michael participated in tiger teams that innovated sales processes yielded over 100% sales growth YoY for the inside sales teams. 

Recently, Michael came to work with Xero's sales team, an up-and-coming SaaS accounting platform that is positioned to take the American market by storm. In his capacity as an account manager for Xero's US-based customers, Michael has participated in sales strategy that has doubled sales targets over the past 4 months and shows signs of continuing its rapid growth.