"Creative. Resolute. Sincere. Effective." With this philosophy, Michael Petruccelli has been helping companies with a vision and drive organize, evaluate and implement their sales vision to the SMB market since 2004. Michael Petruccelli boasts a multitude of top sales awards, and has been recognized for his belief in building and living a culture of fun professionalism while at work. Through the private equity firm MJP Holdings, Inc., Michael has built powerful bridges for young start ups ranging from participation in seed funding Dropbox's cloud storage and Donuts.co, to its myriad portfolio of bay-area NASDAQ and pre-market technology firms.

Michael Petruccelli has a background in sales and marketing with extensive expertise in Google AdWords and Search Engine tools. In addition to his extensive experience with Google's search engine marketing tools, he is also a certified Google AdWords partner, actively participating in the unique culture of digital marketing professionals. 

New media, innovative strategies, powerful capital management experience and a simple belief in treating business owners like they're people, are what make Michael a distinct sales professional with a unique understanding on how to consult with business owners about their bottom line, leaving them better than he found them every time.
Let's do something beautiful. Let's do something great.